Bringing ‘Change’ Through Education

Faraz Khan

Faraz Khan is currently a 5th-semester marketing major at IBA. He did his O-Level in 2014 and A-Level in 2016. He has extensive and diverse teaching experience of almost 5 years. And he is all willing to put his expertise in play while using resources from O Level Academy to teach students Physics without any tuition fee. He wants to bring a positive 'change' by promoting the self-learning culture.

Sidrah Khan

Sidrah did her O & A level in 2012 & 2014 respectively and throughout maintained good grades. In these past few years, students have asked her with curiosity about how she did it? O'level Academy has given her a platform through which she could help and counsel students to acquire good grades by self-studying and fulfill their dreams. She believes in working smart not hard. No journey is ever smooth but the fruit you reap is worth it.

Asad Iqbal

Asad is currently doing BS in Economics at IBA. He loves to play games and like many folks of his age group he also spends more time playing games than studying. He believes that to achieve good grades in O & A level you do not need to do anything exceptional or out of this world. Asad became O’level Academy’s ambassador because he truly believes that if he did it while being an average student and a gamer then anyone can do it easily with the right resources.

Muhammad Saad

Muhammad Saad is the first one to collaborate with us to help us in promoting the self-study culture as he shares our vision. He is currently doing BS in Computer Science from Habib University with 70% scholarship/financial aid. He acquired perfect A-set in his A' levels and believes that with grit and hard work anyone can achieve the same heights without enrolling in any academy. He believes education is best acquired through self-study.

Noor Shahzad

Noor Shahzad is an LLB student at the University of London. She is also recognized by the Commonwealth due to her writing. She believes, words and law together have the power to change a lot in the world. She takes pride in what she does and became the Law Ambassador of O'Level Academy to help people with the dream of doing LLB in the future acquire A* in their law paper just as she does with her grit and hard work.

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