10 Math Study Tips to Help You Excel as a Student

Mathematics is a subject that is difficult for everyone to excel in successfully. Those who are great at it still find trouble in most problems. That is because mathematics as a subject is never the same. There are always new problems that require new solutions. However, it is also the only subject that remains as constant as the sun, moon, and stars. Two plus two would always equal to four and nothing could ever change that. So as the problems keep changing, the methods remain the same throughout. Even the best students can encounter trouble with math problems which is why we have gathered the best study tips for you to excel and succeed in the subject of math. 

Build Upon What You Know

If you were to imagine mathematics as a step ladder it would be accurate because this subject involves progression. The methods or techniques you learn in the beginning keep progressing and evolving into more complex formulae. Math builds upon what you have already learned previously. If you find yourself struggling with a new method or lesson, go through and peruse your old notes. You would be able to relearn it and know how things progress towards the next step. 

Read Notes Every Night

Whether or not you learn something new, make it a habit to read through your notes every night or before your class. That would help you stay on top of everything and not forget anything important. It is highly embarrassing for a student when their teacher calls on them in class and they do not have an answer. If you study your notes every day, you would be able to remember details whenever asked and you wouldn’t ever forget a lesson. Reading through your notes also helps you memorize vital formulae that you need to solve problems every time. 

Homework is a Necessary Evil
Nobody likes homework no matter how good of a student they are. But when it comes to trying to be better at math, homework can be a necessary evil you have to begrudgingly accept. It sounds the opposite of fun but you should do homework every night even if your teacher hasn’t assigned it. Homework means to practice and practice is what will make you better. Practice weekly especially on lessons you are struggling with the most. That would help you understand and implement the concepts better.

Guides are LifeSavers
Students nowadays are lucky because in older days books only came with lessons and problems. Nowadays, publications have made life easier for students by including extra guides along with the textbooks. Some come with guides explaining and showing how solutions can be done while some textbooks include online modules that help you practice problem-solving. It can help you practice on your own without needing your teacher to explain every step. Things you learn on your own and by practicing always stick which would help you ace the exams.

Stay Prepared
Being prepared is never a bad thing especially when you are a student and math is one of your subjects. If you are all caught up with homework and revisions before your next class, find some free time to go over the next lessons. During your free time, find ways to stay ahead of the curriculum by practicing and checking out the next problems or lessons lined up for the future. That would help you be prepared ahead of exams and use your time wisely. You can take notes regarding things you do not understand to ask your teacher later as well.

Old Work is Gold
When people say that old is gold they are not wrong. When it comes to learning math, the more you review older notes or work the more it will help you be better at it. Use older work to sketch out a personal study guide for yourself. Practicing the concepts and problems from previous lessons will help you prepare for exams. Analyze the pattern of the problems and formulae as it will aid you in figuring out what your exam might be like. Study your professor’s notes and questions to get a rough idea of how the questions in your exams will be like.

Time Yourself
Usually, the thing that trips students the most is the time for exams. They get used to taking their time while solving problems on their own but when exams roll around they do not know how to do it all in the short time given. That is why you should practice managing your time when doing math problems. Try to find out how much time you will have for the upcoming exam and a rough outline of what kind of questions it would contain. Then practice for such questions while timing yourself. The most useful tip is that you should tackle the easiest questions first and try doing them in as short a time as you can manage. Then tackle the hardest problems at the end so you can have plenty of time for brainstorming and solving.

Get Extra Help if You Need It
Math is not meant to be easy or simple which is why if you are struggling with it then you should not hesitate to reach out for help. Everyone needs help time to time and there is nothing wrong in asking for it. If you find your lessons hard and class lectures are not enough for you to understand them then you can look for external resources. There are online guides that you can take help from or you can arrange study groups with other students or friends. Some teachers also offer one-on-one sessions to go over any problems. Review or study sessions with a tutor can also be of great help for every student.

Say It Out Loud
When practicing with problems, try to be oral about every step you take in the solutions. If you explain every step out loud even just to yourself it would help you understand and memorize them better. Being oral about your process of problem-solving can help you stay organized and remember it later during exams. If during an exam, you happen to forget any step of the solution, you can just recall your vocal session and do it quickly.

Be Neat and Thorough
There is nothing an exam marker hates more than not being able to understand what is written or seeing messily done solutions in answers. Students should learn to practice how to do solutions properly in a neat and thorough manner. Look at the question, what it is asking, and the marks allocated to it. Then go about solving it accordingly. Be neat and explain your steps so the checker can understand and follow the process easily. Tidiness does earn you extra points in exams so keep that in mind.

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