Prepare for Islamiyat (2058) In Less Than Two Months!

Islamiyat (2058) is one of those subjects of O’levels that may seem easy at the start but once you dive for a quick tour of the syllabus it starts to seem tedious because of its lengthy syllabus. However, if you plan your study well and initiate the preparation with discipline and in a timely manner then you can easily prepare for it in less than two months. Yes, you only need two months to not only pass but to excel in it with an A-star. 

If you are a student planning to appear in the Islamiyat exam, I will suggest you read out this article to its very end as it contains a quick overview of the syllabus and some tips and tricks to get you started. 

Review the Syllabus

First thing first, no matter which subjects it is you want to prepare for, always review the syllabus thoroughly that you can easily find our website under the guides section. It helps you understand how much material you need to consume and how can you plan your time to avoid getting burnt out.

Here, let’s take a quick overview. 

Islamiyat has a total of eight topics; four for each paper i.e. Paper I and Paper-II.

  1. Major themes of the Qur’an
  2. The history and importance of the Qur’an
  3. The life and importance of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  4. The first Islamic community
  5. Major teachings in the Hadiths of the Prophet
  6. The history and importance of the Hadiths
  7. The period of rule of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and their importance as Leaders
  8. The Articles of Faith and the Pillars of Islam

What Should You Expect?

Islamiyat (2058) is divided into two parts i.e. Paper I and Paper-II.  

Each paper has a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete i.e. a total of 3 hours.

Each paper weighs 50 marks.

From each paper, you are required to attempt a total of 4 questions.

Question 1 and Question 2 in both papers are compulsory and you can attempt any 2 from the rest 3 questions.

All questions are categorized into part (a) and part (b).

Tips to Prepare Better:

Once you have reviewed the syllabus you now are familiar with the density of the syllabus content and what needs to be covered.

Therefore, it’s time to set a target time to complete each topic.

Set a target of 3 days to complete a single topic.

It means you will take a total of 3x8 = 24 days to cover the complete syllabus.

Learn at least 2 verses/hadith from each topic.

In the remaining days, try to revise and strengthen your knowledge of verses to support your answers in the exam.

Use this remaining time to also solve at least 10-year of past papers.

Tricks to Attempt the Paper:

Question 1 that comes in both papers is compulsory and is divided into two parts.

Question 1 in both papers is of 8 marks.

Part (b) requires you to answer based on daily life examples as it demands to either describe the theme in a Muslim's life or how the teachings of Islam can be implemented in daily life.

Use a comprehensive language while answering the question.

In the rest of the questions, part (a) will be of 10 marks.

In order to get max marks in part (a), explain three to four facts of eight to nine lines and support these facts with hadith/verses.

Don’t miss a conclusion and the introduction paragraph if you are targeting for an A* in Islamiyat.

For part (b) of the questions, you require analytical skills to answer properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice answering these questions from past papers.

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