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ALLAH's Relationships with the Created World


ALLAH's Relationships with the Created World
The Holy Quran starts with the words:

“Praise to be ALLAH Lord of the worlds”

These words show how much ALLAH Almighty is concerned with his creations whether it is human, animals or anything else. ALLAH has given a special status for humans. Djinn and Angels are also created by ALLAH Almighty but He made human superior to all other creations by giving him knowledge.  When ALLAH Almighty created the human, the angels raise objective on that and asked ALLAH that were we not enough for your worship? ALLAH replied that you don’t know what I know. Then He asked some questions but angels could not reply. Then He asked the same questions to Adam and Adam replied with the right answers. According to the sayings of the Holy Quran:

“your Lord is highly bounteous; He taught the use of pen, taught man what he knew not”

There are various blessings of ALLAH Almighty which he created for us especially for humans. He created earth to live for Humankind. Those who do good deeds will be rewarded with heaven. He created rain which benefits us in the growth of vegetables and fruits etc. we all know how much a mother loves her children. It is ALLAH Almighty who loves his men more than 70 mothers.    
ALLAH doesn’t only love us but also protects us as He is the most powerful and supreme power in the universe. It is said in the Holy Quran that:

“I seek the refuge of the Lord, the Cherisher of mankind… from the mischief whisperer who withdraws”.

He is the only power who can protect us from evil forces.
In the Holy Quran, it is also said that He is master of the day of judgment. It is a day when everybody will be rewarded or punished according to his/her acts done in this world.
Different names of ALLAH show His characteristics. It should also be kept in mind that Most of His names are showing his mercy. His names include Rahman, Raheem, and Salam, etc. these names show themselves that how much ALLAH Almighty loves His creations.

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