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Main treaties under Prophet (PBUH)


Main treaties under Prophet (PBUH)

The Charter of Medina

When our holy Prophet settled in Medina, he observed that there is a need of some treaties for the sustainable development of peace in Medina. There were three main tribes of the Jews settled in the suburbs of Medina. These tribes were named Banu Qainuqa, Banu Quraiyaza, and Banu Nazir. They were settled in the forts near Medina. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) tried to get the support of all the people living inside or nearby the Medina. This adjustment was done to decrease the threat of attack by the Quraish as they were intended to attack Medina. The treaty is known as Medina charter. According to this, the Jews were allowed to perform their religious practices freely in the Medina. They will be allies of the Muslims and their lives and the properties were guaranteed in Medina.  The life of the Muslims and their properties were also guaranteed. In case of any battle with Quraish, both the parties were supposed to be fought together to defend the Medina. After the application of this charter, our holy Prophet became the undisputed leader of the Medina.

The Treaty of Hudaibiyah

In the year of 6th Hijri, our holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) intended to visit Mecca. His intention was to perform Umrah. There was about 1400 pilgrimage along with our Holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) who wanted to perform the Umrah. They all were unarmed but the Quraish didn’t allow them to visit Mecca and stopped them at the point of Hudaibiyah which was about 3 miles away from Mecca. First, our holy Prophet sent a messenger to Mecca. When he didn’t come back then he sent Hazrat Usman as he was considered an honorable person in Mecca. When he didn’t come for a few days, fake news of his death was broke out. Our holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) called his companions and decided to get the revenge of the blood of Usman. This incident is called Bait-e-Rizwan in history. That thing disturbed the Quraish a lot and they decided to negotiate the peace process with our holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him). This treaty was done at the point of Hudaibiyah so with the reference of it, it is called the treaty of Hudaibiyah. According to this treaty, the Muslims will leave Mecca and will return next year to perform Umrah but they will not stay in Mecca for more than three days. If any person from Mecca will go to Median to join the Muslims, he will return to Mecca but if any Muslim from Medina will come to Mecca, he will not be returned. After that many Muslims were worried but our holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) accepted all the conditions with the order of ALLAH and satisfied his companions by informing them they should not be worried as ALLAH has written the victory in our favor.
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