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Prophet (PBUH) as model of excellence


Prophet (PBUH) as model of excellence
For all the Muslims, there is a great example of our Holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) to be followed. We can follow each and every aspect of his life. We can get lessons from truthfulness, trustworthiness, and goodness from his life. By following these aspects, we can convert ourselves into righteous people. There is no doubt in that if we act according to his teachings, we will live with peace and joy in this life as well as in the life hereafter.

When someone asked Hazrat Ayesha about the behavior and character of our Holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him), she replied that haven’t you read the Holy Quran? His morals were the practical examples of the Holy Quran.

It is also explained in the Holy Quran that “And you (stand) on an exalted standard of character”.

According to a hadith, it was also said by the Holy Prophet that: “ALLAH sent me to complete the excellent merits and to perfect the good manners”.

As he was a practical example of the Holy Quran, so his life is the guidance for us in every way of life.

Our Holy Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) was not only a prophet, but he also discharged his duties in different ways. He was a general too who fought in different battles with minimum resources while his enemy was much larger in numbers. He set examples even in the battlefields and after it when the war was finished. He was a good friend. Hazrat Abu Bakar is the witness to his friendship. He was a great father of 4 daughters. He was a spiritual leader who is still followed by billions of Muslims. As a husband, he also set excellent examples by helping his family and especially wives in daily activities.

He has set the examples and standards which are based on the teachings of the Holy Quran. According to a hadith, it was said by him that:

“your faith will not be completed until your every act will according to those two things which I have brought i.e. the Holy Quran and my Sunnah”.

Seal of Prophets
The term seal of Prophets refers to the end of the prophethood. There were about 124,000 messengers sent by ALLAH Almighty. The line of messengers was started from Hazrat Adam and ended at our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The term clearly indicates that the link between ALLAH Almighty and his worshippers has been finished and now there will be only teachings of Islam that will continue till the day of judgment. According to the Holy Quran, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of Prophets”. The holy book of Muslims, The Holy Quran is the last book sent by ALLAH Almighty and no alteration is possible in it. It is the last book and its teachings are universal. This book was given to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) so that we can say that whatever our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) taught us, it is universal and will be followed till the day of judgment.

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