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Bringing ‘Change’ Through Education

Update from Cambridge International on May June 2020 Exams

In this uncertain situation, Cambridge International is in touch with the school community all over the world. Cambridge International is trying its level best to ensure fairness and support for the students that are essential for them to continue their education with them. According to Cambridge International, it has always been their priority to protect its students and teachers....Read More

Delay in A Level Exams Due to Corona Virus

The presence of coronavirus has been confirmed in different countries. Though originated from china, it has hit the European countries as well. Italy is badly affected by a coronavirus. The exam schedule of GCSE and A-Level students is expected to be postponed if the coronavirus spreads continuously. ...Read More

Educational Leaders in Pakistan Talks About the A Level Education System

According to Dr. Sarosh Lodi, Vice-Chancellor NED University of Engineering and Technology, you can be a successful professional in life if you have new ideas and power and the ability to present and defend those ideas. Students from A level educational background possess strong abilities to present the ideas....Read More

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